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November 1st, 2014
09:37 pm


The day is upon me...

…to make a post.  I’m going to make a quick review of things since my last post because a ton has happened and I’ve been thinking about a putting up a post about life, but put it aside for other pursuits.

Let’s start with July.  Of what little I remember, we had my son’s disability reinstated, so we could actually loosen the budget belt to “breathe without discomfort.”  As I’ve put off getting a new computer for a few years now, Staples had a 16GB 8-core AMD with a 2GB video card for $750.  At the time I was getting quite fed up with my old Dell because even surfing the Internet was becoming a significant problem, and my wife was also complaining that her computer was also slow, but there have been times that I’ve lost count of how many tabs she’s had open, but it must have been 30+ of “things she wanted to read later.”  I called the Staples in Dieppe and they didn’t have any, nor could they ship them in because it was a clearance, so I had to count on the other store.  This was the same week that Justin Bourque snapped and killed 3 RCMP officers, so that store was locked down.  The next day they were open, and although I was prepared to hear that they didn’t have any, they actually had two of them.  I was somewhat reluctant to shell out $1800 but there was some money in the bank and this purchase will likely last me 10+ years.  I also went on Steam and bought a number of games on their summer sale, so I had 10 games for the price of a single AAA title.  Then our tax money comes in and the return was significant enough to erase that debt and move forward on renovating the house.

The rest of July is pretty fuzzy, but here’s what I remember getting accomplished:

I started with fixing the support for the sunroom floor.  It was originally a single 2 x 4 tacked on over aluminum siding and some sort of pressboard insulation which doesn’t have an R value.  Although I was originally skeptical because it had held up for thirty years, I came to agree that it was unsafe and needed something more solid.  So after purchasing the materials for the job, I asked my mother to help install the new boards, so I supported the sunroom with jackposts and a pair of 2 x 8’s, took off the old 2 x 4,  cut off the siding and the pressboard and with some impressively large screws, put a new 2 x 8 underneath and then fastened another over top of it with similar screws.

I remember starting to excavate the wall with the intention of pushing it back, ruining the jack for the minivan trying to push it out.  So I used a jackpost and I did make some significant headway in getting the damaged wall pushed back out.  Afterward, I took the six inches of crushed stone out and found out that these walls were sitting on a solid concrete slab, not just a narrow footing with nothing but earth in the middle.  So I proceeded to excavate that a bucket at a time.  The kids were surprisingly helpful because it was a lot smoother when they were filling the buckets and I lifted them out and dumped them on the tarpaulin.

It had been ongoing with our reservoir tank that it was leaking, but I was uncertain because I didn’t know much (for lack of a better phrase) about how water systems work in a house.  Eventually, I hear the pump run practically every time someone turns on the tap.  I may not know much about water system design, but I am aware that having a pump start and stop all the time can mean that it will burn out.  After a bit of checking out, I buy a larger tank, and with a little bit of work, I squeeze the new tank in there and get it installed.  Outside of having to drop in to the local garage for a pipe wrench to tighten a nut, it gets installed without a problem and it  sounds so good to hear the pump only on the odd occasion.

I also have some thoughts on Justin, because it is quite a noteworthy event.   If it weren’t for the fact that he’d killed 3 RCMP, wounded two and tried to kill as many police as possible, he’d be what put the word “LOL” in lolbertarian.  A police officer supposedly killed one of your friends?  It would at least have made some sort of sense to even the score with the one responsible for it, even if the act would have been reprehensible.  Instead, he decides to kill as many police as possible because they’re against freedom?  It’s a shame that he pleaded guilty, so we can’t figure out what brought him to make a “stand for freedom” and how being a cop killer doesn’t make you a bad guy.


Well, August really started out well.  On our wedding anniversary we had rainfall so intense; it was limited practically to the rural strip between Moncton and Miramichi.  There were plenty of people in the Metro Moncton area who saw the clouds, but the rain fell in my area.  I was just finishing the minivan and my wife went to take her afternoon nap when I was putting away some stuff while the squall outside is pelting down rain.  I hear some water running and think “I have to reinstall it again?”

No, the water tank is fine.  There’s a hole for the old well right next to it that has water running like it’s a wide open tap.  I quickly assess that this isn’t something I can handle myself and politely roust my wife out of bed.  We spend about thirty minutes at it when she discovers that the sunroom I recently excavated has six inches of water in it and is leaking in through a couple of cracks in the foundation.  The basement has in some places two or more inches of water.

I can understand how flooding can make people feel so violated.  We have water pissing into our house from two directions and it seems that we can do so little, not to mention that the numerous boxes we have on the ground have to be triaged.  I can understand how when people have their houses flooded how violated they can feel.  I only had a few inches and it was kept fairly contained, even if the flooding spread to other rooms.  It would hurt phenomenally to see two feet of water or more in my basement and having to throw out stuff, possibly with a lot of sentimental value and there was so precious little you could do about it because you couldn’t see until it was too late.  I take some fiberglass insulation from an old garbage bag and wad it in the spots around the hole and it slows it down to a mid-open tap rather than a fully open one.  Then, I charge up my shop vac and proceed to bail out the basement.  I call my neighbor, my mother and tell work that I’m taking the next day off because the cleanup is going to be too much for me to schedule for my weekend.  We were incredibly fortunate that in spite of the trouble, the rain abated after an hour and we were able to get the water under control and then go to work on the cleanup.

It’s times like this that make me remember that my wife wasn’t always spending most of her time napping or in front of a computer feasting her brain on noncredible articles that would give normal people an entire family of ulcers.  Even glancing at her Facebook feed makes my stomach feel funny.  And because they’re geared toward her particular views on science and religion, they get a free pass to “trustworthy.”  Instead, we decide quickly what our best course of action is and get the situation under control.  It’s just a shame she spends most of the next day toiling in our  vegetable garden, complaining the entire time about its poor performance while I spend it trying to clean up the inside of the house.  While help arrived late, our neighbor dropped off his shop vac and a submersible utility pump.  My mother also shows up with similar stuff, namely my old shop vac with the metal can and a well pump.  While it’s not quite the same, it’s still a way to help her get stuff out of her house because she’s beginning to look like she’s hoarding.

Ironically, in spite of what happened, it was one of the best anniversaries I’ve had with her.  Because in a time like this, we pulled together and kicked this problem in the ass.


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June 1st, 2014
08:37 pm


How about another?
Things are looking better since I last posted.  I finished capping that double malt stout, let it sit and tried a few Thursday.  It seems pretty capable, it's foamy, but it's okay as long as I'm not in a hurry to pour it, it won't overflow the glass.  I've discovered a Dutch Canadian on YouTube who's a weapons enthusiast, focused in Historical European Martial Arts.  His presentation is quite good and since I like the subject, he's turned out to be quite an interesting guy who seems to be quite reasonable in his presentation.  Here's a link to his channel if you happen to be interested.

At the moment, the lingering monster in the closet is the sunroom.  I still have six weeks to prep it, but I seem to be resorting to lame excuses not to make progress on it.  This weekend, though, and no later, I'm going to attempt to move the wall back out.  My garage is now being a huge pain in the ass as well seeing as it's heaving up, and while it still seems solid, I can't help but wonder how whoever built that damn thing thought it was a good idea to pour such a lousy footing.  There will be more on that later, but for now, have a picture of what's happening (At least it's not happening with the house):

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May 23rd, 2014
05:51 am


Part Three of Two

Because hops can be used to help maintain milk production and my wife is trying to nurse as long as possible, I started buying Keith’s because an India Pale Ale is supposed to have a higher level of hops in it. I found myself snitching a bottle periodically because a beer or two can certainly help to induce sleepiness.  After about two or three months of doing this I said to myself:

“Self, you used to brew beer, you still have the equipment, why not save yourself 75% if you find yourself habitually drinking a One or two?”

“Well, Self, I think you have a point there, I guess I’ll clean my gear up and try out that kit I bought 10 years ago.”

I was expecting it to be a disaster, but outside of it having way too much foam, it was certainly palatable, and just indicative of having a bit too little water for that amount of priming sugar.  So with that success, I decided to try another, and because I can’t seem to find Black Rock kits anywhere in town, I picked out a kit called a Munich Lager, partly because I was interested in brewing a something more generic because someone at work was interested in home brewing.   It turned out okay, but it was a bit too traditionally German, and a bit strong-tasting for my liking.  Still, it was palatable, and I drank those periodically to the last two dozen before picking out the next.

It appeared that I am still a capable casual homebrewer, and so I asked the store owner about a dry beer, and he suggested Munton’s Dry Lager.  Keeping the following commandments:

“Thou shalt keep thine brewing gear sanitized and rinsed before use.”
“Thou shalt keep thine wort warm until it is finished brewing”
“Thou shalt keep thine beer warm for no less than ten days after capping it.”

And in December, I produced an excellent dry lager with a slight cider taste as all “filthy casuals” will do because they aren’t dedicated enough to brew it from scratch.  And I like the cider taste, thank you.

Late January, I visited the Brew-It Store, or the Sunset Vintnery as it is called now because time was at a premium and bought the Brew Canada “Molson Canadian” knockoff.  It was a different experience because the wort still had pieces of hop leaves.  Normally, I don’t have a huge aversion to drinking the sediment after I drink my beer, but the taste and the oily looking sediment didn’t give me a lot of confidence, even if it was a palatable brew.  Normally I save a dozen, and I have a dozen dry lager and the Munich brew, but there’s no Brew Canada Canadian Lager.

So mid-March came along, and it was time to try again.  The guy at work didn’t mind that first stout beer that I made, but he was put off by the fact I had added some pretty potent hops to it.  So I brewed a casual Munton’s Irish Stout, and while I’m always afraid of breaking that second commandment, five days later, I find it’s going to be a good brew.

And now, up to date, the latest kit I’m making is a double malt (so just add two cans) because corn sugar is made from corn, which has GMOs and DNA in it and my wife, being TRUE granola isn’t going to be having any more of that than she has to.  While I could use table or icing sugar, I insist on using corn sugar to prime it, mostly due to the fact that corn sugar dissolves most thoroughly when compared to other sugars and will make a more consistent fizz.

I’ll be capping it in four days.


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May 20th, 2014
09:21 am


Part Two of Two
For those of you who don’t know, I live on a 25 acre lot with 24 acres of wood.   I was interested in occasionally harvesting from it because I have a wood furnace and I’d like to cut down on my heating bill because it still costs $200 a cord and we burnt 8 cord of wood from November to April.  A part of this property has poplar, and if you’re unfamiliar, it’s a wood that would only be good for kindling in spite of it being a hardwood tree and I have plenty of evergreen trees for that.

While a brush cutter is not an altogether bad idea as it’s fairly quick to keep poplar saplings down, keeps the gas I mix for my chainsaw from going sour and is still decent exercise.  But when the belt on your budget goes from being tight to suffocating, a $300 expenditure like that can wind up being an unreasonable amount to spend.

So how about a good machete?  I’d seen demos for some of Cold Steel’s products on a YouTube channel called ZombieGoBoom, and decided to look more into a good bushwhacker because they were certainly impressive when I’d seen them in action.  My wife had also mentioned that she would like something that can make first cuts on vegetables like squash and large turnips.  I did, of course, do some looking around locally and to my surprise, it seemed oversize knives were just not an item any of the stores here carried.  So, back around Christmas, I was getting ready to order from Cold Steel in Ventura, California and wondering if the postal strike and/or Customs would decide that I shouldn’t be allowed to have it in spite of having every intention of using this item as a sylviculture tool when someone mentioned there was a dealer in British Columbia who stocked their merchandise.  I went over to Blades Canada and picked out my wife’s turnip chopper (aka the Uruk-Hai dagger) and I was trying to decide whether their kopis machete or the magnum kukri was going to be ordered.

Then February came and the budget belt eased up a bit, so I actually placed the order.  While the kopis has everything going for it when compared to the magnum, I just liked the style of the magnum’s blade.  As it was just $25, I decided I’d get it and perhaps one of my kids can help me out as long as I give them plenty of room to swing.  And six days later, on the 13th of February, a card comes in the mail, and I bring a suspicious parcel home from the post office.  I open it up and three machetes are packed into it.  From Left to right, the Heavy Machete, the Magnum Kukri, the Kopis Machete and finally, a butter knife to demonstrate scale.


I see this is turning into a term paper, so I’ll let it go for as I have a demo or two I’d like to put up on YouTube for these blades.

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May 16th, 2014
09:45 am


Hi everyone!
So my last post was in October.  I'll make an update, but in the bigger picture it's not like there's much going on.  Sure, fixing the foundation to my veranda and acquiring an i7 PC might be interesting news to some people, but really, it's hard to take my life as any sort of deal outside of just existing at the moment.

Okay, so when late December came around we got snowed on.  And then in January, February and then March.  And you know, I loved snow in the previous years.  I really did.  This year, in spite of record amounts of it, I was just tired.  I suppose if I had waxed the toboggan and brought the family out to to the park it would have been a different feeling, but I don't think I've ever been this tired of seeing snow.

Moving right along, I reactivated my Facebook account.  It's about as good as I remember it, and while I don't regret putting the bare essentials of my profile back in, I still oddly loathe clicking on the link when I type "f" in the address bar.  As of right now, I have 10/11 people I'd actually be proud to call friends.  And of course, I'm waiting for people to add me, because I recall three years ago being a "friend" of a huge number of people just because they knew my name, not because they would have even given me so much as the time of day.

Next item?  How about real life™.  Yeah, that weird thing people experience when they have no Smart™Phone and Internet?   I'm going to make a big admission here.  I love free time a bit too much.  I should be less reluctant to spend time being a parent.  And while I can make excuses like the disparity of household duties, this won't hold up in the end, will it?

So yeah, the family aspect has me down.  I do dishes, laundry and attempt to put the house in order, mealtimes and all that other stuff is handled by my wife when she can afford to take a minute to stop reading articles posted by her lolbertarian friends and "life, faith and family" newsgroups who post articles that are about as FAIR and BALANCED as FOX News.  It's little wonder she has chronic fatigue.  I can feel my cortisol levels hit the "tumors" marker when I glance at her Facebook feed, and people thrive on a daily stream of this?  Not to mention I clear up the sink and whatnot and in less than 36 hours it's piled back up like I never did a thing?

Okay, the steam has gone down from critical, so let's pick some more stuff that I can remember.  On the plus side, I'm actually able to pull off more cleaning duties by accepting that this, like my life, is just a temporary thing.  So do I have any happy news?  NO! I will smile and just turn away!  No, wait, I don't even have ovaries.

I mentioned the veranda.  When it was built, it was originally a glass-roofed sunroom with a 16' x 20' deck.  And brilliantly designed so the ice would slide off the glass onto the deck.  Over the years, the 12" chunk of wood used to space the deck from the wall eventually broke the foundation and this year I have signs that it won't be waiting another year in spite of me removing the cracked glass roof and the monster deck.  Even better, any competent builder makes a footing so a wall has strength to resist outside pressure.  So whoever built it was anything but competent.  Since I bought the house, it's up to me to own this problem.  I'm going to dig outside and push the wall back, because it looks like I can possibly just shift it back into place.  Then I'm going to dig down and pour an actual footing and a 9" thick concrete floor so I can have not only a solid foundation for my veranda, but a better place to store 5-6 cord of wood for the winter and an infinitely easier room to clean out after the burning season.

And of course, I shouldn't be that excited, after all, it's only been three or four years that I've been wanting an upgrade to my computer hardware.  I'm running a 2.5GHz Pentium 4.  For those of you who freeze at the sight of hardware specs, I bought this system used from a guy at work in... 2007?  Cutting edge for its time, it was adequate when I bought it and today, well, it's a good thing I still like playing older games.  There are phones out there with more power than my desktop!

I'll say it right now, I'm quite disinterested in new games.  I can count on a single hand the number of games I'd like to buy.  I'm still getting plenty of enjoyment out of Diablo II (Diablo III?  At best I feel apathy and at worst, loathing) and the collection of stuff I have for DOSBox.  I'd still like to have something newer so I don't have to restart my browser after five tabs, enjoy the few new games I'm interested in, not to mention security and the fact that with an i7 Quad Core and 16GB of RAM running about $1000 (where this time last year it was $1600), likely lasting me another decade or so, I think a purchase like this shouldn't be a guilty pleasure.  I've been looking seriously to upgrade for three or so years already.

I'm going to break this up into two posts.  I have stuff concerning blades, alcohol and unfinished bweesness.

TL;DR: Nothing new and exciting.

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October 26th, 2013
07:44 am


Minecraft: Enough is enough.
Okay, so it's been quite a while, but I've decided to post an update because I believe it's significant.

Minecraft is now nigh unplayable on my ancient 2.5GHz Pentium 4.  The GODLY sp614x can't upload his mods to a safe file sharer and has the pretense of modifying the game to wish him a happy birthday.  The framerates are fine as long as I'm looking at my feet, but I'm no longer able to just play the damn game.  And needing to connect to the Internet to play a single player game?  Enough of this "LOL, STOP PLAYING LEIK A N00B AND MP!  IT"S THE WAI ITS MENT TO BE PLAYED!  SP IS BOOOOOOOORING!" I used to have fun exploring and decorating my dwarf holes with nether brick.  While this may seem boring to some, I think it's better than joining random servers just to give all the "real" players of this game a hard time.  Enough.  It's time to move on until I get a better machine.  Which isn't going to be before next September, if I'm extremely lucky.  If I'm not, I suppose there's projects with older and forgotten games which deserve to be archived on YouTube.

I wish they'd stop asking me to use my real name and to create a Google+ page.  I'm not interested in validating myself on the internet, I just want to be.

No, that's it.  Strip away all the excess the funk and the bullshit and just be.

I. just. want. to. be.

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November 1st, 2012
07:07 pm


Well, I feel I've accomplished something before doomsday.  I finished featuring the music of two games on YouTube as part of an archive so they don't wind up consumed by time, although I think I should rip them up onto DVDs to ensure I don't lose the data.  I've also found out, to my dismay, that several of my old games have floppies with corrupted data.  The good news is that I don't feel bad when downloading them off the Internet because I do, in fact, own the original media, even if it's way past it's "best before" date.

So, now that I'm done with those two games, or at least sharing something memorable, I'll test out a seed or two before launching into a new archive.  I also found out that Mark Morgan has released his music compositions for Fallout 1 and 2 for free, all you'll have to do is jump from website to website to get a decent link.  I found mine here.  One less archive I'll need to rip up, I guess.


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October 25th, 2012
07:33 pm


Insert witty comment here.
I've been on a binge for my archive lately, and I'm probably going to take a break from featuring new seeds for a bit.  While I've nearly finished two archives, There's still some plans to put several others up.  Ultima IV and VII, The Faery Tale Adventure, perhaps some old Mastertronic titles, and Warlords II.  While there may be well-done MIDI for these, there is a shortage of actual audio rips.  MIDI, though isn't good enough for some, and that's exactly who I plan to cater to.

Things at home are pretty good, and I'm aiming to make some room so the kids can play downstairs and we can give Timothy plenty of room to learn different modes of mobility.  I wished I had more done around the house because cutting video can be quite time consuming.  A part of the problem is shift work, but I still have to own my responsibility to make the place clean.

I guess more later?

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October 20th, 2012
11:23 am


Keyword: AlloAllo
Keyword Reference:  Allo Allo is a British sitcom that ran on the BBC from 1982 to 1992, about life in a small French village occupied by the Nazis.  While its humor was mostly about non-existent stereotypes, it had many elaborate plots and running gags which usually went humorously awry. 

Keyword:  AlloAllo
Version: 1.2.5
Seed:  1876174620
Terrain:  You spawn in a large forest with a desert biome nearby
Nether:  The Nether is typical.  Large, open spaces.  The nearest fortresses are about 500 blocks in any direction.  The one I discovered to the SE was split in two, because I couldn't find any nether wart in the part I discovered and built a bridge to the other part.

Overland Map (Potential Spoiler)Collapse )


  You spawn in a forest
Water:  There's a river nearby, but the layout means you may have to carve out a garden.
Coal:  I had to make a batch of charcoal
Chickens:  There are some not too distant.
Cows:  I had to wander a significant distance south to discover some cows.

ScreenshotsCollapse )

Conclusion:  The seed was a challenging one, but I enjoyed playing it.

Current Music: "The Accordion Man Waltz" by Frankie Yankovic

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October 15th, 2012
09:58 am


keyword: schfiftyfive
Keyword Reference:  It's a song by some underground band known as Gröûp X, known for their off-color humor and their hilarious Arabic pidgin.

Keyword:  schfiftyfive
Version: 1.2.5
Seed:  -700786846
Terrain:  You spawn on the edge of a forest with extreme hills an taiga nearby.
Nether:  The fortress is quite close to the overworld spawn point.

Overland Map (Potential Spoiler)Collapse )


Water:  Takes a little bit of searching.
Coal:  There are a few ravines with easy to spot coal blocks
Chickens:  They are found in the hills, near the taiga biome.
Cows:  There are a few clusters of them around you.

ScreenshotsCollapse )

Conclusion:  Overall, it was good, but I died twice in the nether, so I'm moving on.


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